"Ex-Machina" Movie Trailer

Notice: This music was NOT used in the official released trailer. This is only for demonstration purposes.

Terminator Genesys Trailer

Notice: I scored music to the new Terminator trailer. This music was NOT used in the final trailer.

Zero Zero Project

Notice: I scored music to a creepy but beautiful video which was included in the "00 Project". Directed and edited by BRANISLAV S. CIRKOVIC.

Phantom Gaming Console Reveal Video

Notice: Sizzle reel announcing the new Phantom Gaming Console by Infinium Labs. I wrote, performed, and produced the music for this video.

Flight From Death (scene: 911)

Notice: Here is a scene I scored for a movie called Flight From Death. This scene discusses the events of 9/11. This music was actually edited out of the final release however. The song at the end is actually one of my wife's, called Desperate. Isn't her voice beautiful?

Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality Trailer

Notice: I composed the main theme and additional music for this award winning documentary. My music was also used in the trailer campaign for it.

"iMemories Logo Reel"

Notice: I was commissioned to write music for iMemories' logo reel. This sequence plays before all of their products.

Adobe Flash Player 10 Promo

Notice: I was asked to write music and sound design this promotional movie for the new new Flash Player version 10. This clip played all over the Web as well as in New York's Time Square.

Rick Ross - "The Boss" Music Video (ft. T-Pain)

Notice: My music was used for the opening sequence of the video.

"Invincible" (movie trailer music pitch)

Notice: Here is some music I wrote as a pitch for the movie trailer campaign on the film "Invinvible". This music was NOT used.

Marienthal: State of Emergency (Official Trailer #1)

Notice: I was the principle composer on this film.

2005 Webby Awards In-Show Animations

Notice: I was commissioned to write custom theme music for the 2005 Webby Awards Ceremony. Here is a short reel of the in-show animations for the ceremony. I was able to attend the gala as well. The highlight of the evening for me was watching Rob Corddry, the host of the ceremony, say "well, that was dramatic" after the opening sequence played through. The highlight reel can be viewed here: http://www.webbyawards.com/winners/2005/web/.

Extreme Music Intro Movie

Notice: I created the sound design for this short intro which features EM's CG mascot.

Lennox Lewis "The Legacy" Teaser

Notice: I composed music which was used for the trailer of a documentary on legendary fighter, Lennox Lewis.

Amir Suliman "SPIT" Music Video

Notice: I composed music for the opening sequence of the video before he starts his compelling rap poetry.

Alpine iXA-W407 Teaser

Notice: I was commissioned to write custom music and sound design for this video which announced Alpine's dedicated control solution for the iPod® or iPhone® all from a unique system control interface and just the touch of a finger on a crystal-clear large 7 QVGA Touch Screen display.

EJS_Waves SDS Comp

Notice: I used slices of almost every sound provided in different ways. I setup various delays, verbs, dopplers, doublers and so on...making use of the majority of the SDS plugins. From memory, I would say I instantiated maybe 35 plugins for this.

In the end, the nature of the motion and style of the clip suggested that the sound design should be surreal or otherwise enhance a sense of 'out-of-body' experience which would most likely be the way one would experience a car flip like that - slow motion at full speed, everything in one's peripheral but also dead in your face. I tried to avoid the cliche crowd noise and heartbeat. Instead both of those are there shortly following the crash through the mirror sequence but I side-chained them to the delay bus to create more of a pumping effect - though they are blended down quite a bit in the mix.

Nice plugins. Wish I could afford to buy them. *wink*

"Change Your Life" (Scene 1A: Motivation)

Notice: This is the first pass of a scene I was scoring for a movie called "Change Your Life", by Patrick Shen of Transcendental Media. Being familiar with multilevel marketing in my twenties, I decided to take a more wacky approach with the music and so I played two guitars (not at the same time of course) to feel as melodically percussive as is the verbal battery one hears when attending or being confronted by those who perpetuate the hype and irrational positive thinking of multilevel ventures (schemes). The final movie does not contain this music. As an aside, the actor playing the motivational instructor is amazing; spot on. He really nailed what the majority of people were like who I have encountered along the way. Kudos — whoever you are!

"When We Leave" Music Video

Notice: Here is a music video for one of my Living Machine tracks. Most of the footage are candid shots from my various trips to New York.